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Hi, I'm Kellie

I'm the creator of Your Journey, Your Way


Working in Palliative Care is a true passion of mine, I have been working in this field since 2019.

My goal is to help bridge the gaps in Palliative Care, one way I can do this is to share my knowledge and skills with the community and offer my advice and practical guidance to families who are caring for a loved one with a life limiting illness. In my work practice I follow a holistic and person-centred approach looking at each person as an individual, encompassing mind, body and spirit.

Please also look for little hidden treasures as you navigate this site.  You can find helpful links, uplifting quotes, fact sheets as well as many other resources.

Think of this site as a lovely warm hug, put the kettle on, make yourself a cuppa and explore what Your Journey, Your way has to offer xxx

Explore Other Resources

Meet Margaret Rice...

Margaret is a Sydney Journalist, published author, feature writer, key note speaker and editor who shares her wisdom and lived experience with palliative care on her Website "Good Grief". 


Here you can find a range of resources for grief management and end of life discussion, as well as gaining information and access to workshops, articles, podcasts and general discussion surrounding palliative care.  I encourage you to make yourself a cuppa and head over to "Good Grief" and read more about Margaret and all she has to offer.  You can find "Good Grief" by clicking on Margarets lovely photo which will direct you to the website.

Palliative Care supplies and Mobility Equipment links...

In order to provide quality palliative care at home you will need access to a range of products and equipment.  Below you can find some helpful links to useful websites where you can purchase/rent a range of supplies.  I've narrowed it down a little for you which will save you having "search" to far, however please only use this as a base line guide.  There are so many fabulous products out there that its difficult to list them all.  With the ones I have listed you can use these to then broaden your search if you wish to compare price etc.

**Please note that I am personally not affiliated or being paid by the companies to list these products.

Independent Living Specialists

Independence Australia

Homecare Equipment

Helpful Organisations and links...

"The Groundswell Project works with individuals, organisations and communities to improve how people in Australia die, care and grieve."

"We run educational workshops, develop innovative programs and advocate for a better end of life experience for all."

If you are looking for a place to connect... start with "The Groundswell Project".  You can find events, programs and wonderful support.  

Click on the image to go straight to the website or connect using links below.

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