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Hair Washing for bed bound care - By Kellie Cooper-Smith

When a person is palliative and bed bound, no longer being able to shower there is no reason for hair washing to stop. A hair wash can brighten the spirit, make you feel better, help you to feel clean and keeps the scalp and hair clean and free from oil, build up and bacteria.

There are a couple of ways for hair washing to still take place, let me introduce you to a couple of products that I have personally used in the community that can help.

Shampoo Cap- A no rinse shampoo and conditioner formula has been impregnated in to what looks exactly like a "shower" cap. You place it in the microwave for 30 seconds, remove from the packet and apply to the head. Massage for a few minutes, remove the cap and dry the hair. Its that simple! no need to rinse. These caps are readily available and cost efficient. Please refer to you video i have attached for a full demonstration.

Inflatable basin - A little different to the shampoo cap, the inflatable basin still needs water and your chosen shampoo and conditioner. Simply inflate the basin, add water and shampoo and condition the hair. Please refer to the videos and images I have included.

Please note that I am not being paid to promote these products and I am not affiliated for financial gain. These are two products that I just cant keep to myself and I wanted to share them with you at home.

Thank you

Kellie xx

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