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Series 4: Personal hygiene Showering. By Kellie Cooper-Smith

Welcome back to practical care at the end of life series 4, where we discuss all things relating to showering during palliative and end of life care. This series has been done in collaboration with Margaret Rice at GoodGrief!

Depending on your loved one’s heath condition they may still be able to enjoy showering as part of their personal hygiene routine. Showering is a beautiful ritual many of us take for granted, and we should do everything we can for as long as practically possible to help our loved ones enjoy a shower even if they have entered the palliative/end of life phase.

In this fact sheet you will find helpful information on:

- How can help be given to a palliative person taking a shower

- What are some tips to make showering an inviting experience for your loved one? What equipment is required

- Step by step guide on how to help your loved one have a shower

- Other helpful hints

As always you can refer to the fact sheet I have added below or why not head over to visit Margaret Rice at GoodGrief! where you can view our collaborative video series on personal hygiene.

If you have any questions or if you would like to share a personal story, please feel free to reach out via my contact link

Or alternatively if you would like to collaborate with me please head to my LinkedIn KellieCooper-SmithLinkedIn and drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you!

Personal Hygiene showering
Download PDF • 627KB


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