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Series 2: Personal hygiene an introduction. By Kellie Cooper-Smith

Welcome back to practical care at the end of life series 2, which has been done in collaboration with Margaret Rice at Good Grief! Here is where you can gain information and insight to personal hygiene at end of life.

We will discuss the need for personal hygiene, how families can help their loved one who is palliative, promoting independence, vulnerability and dignity, gaining consent and safety issues.

Please click below so you can gain access to the fact sheet which I have developed. This information will guide you and your loved one for practical tips and holistic advice for personal hygiene at end of life.

As always with this wonderful series you can have access to the video series where Margaret and myself will discuss in more detail:

- Helping your loved one to be empowered

- Encourage and promoting independence

- Gaining consent before assisting your loved one with personal hygiene

- Safety issues for the patient and the carer

- Benefits to personal hygiene, its more about just feeling clean

Please take the time to head over to Margaret’s site Good Grief! for the video series.

Margaret and I hope you enjoy series 2 and everything it has to offer. If you have any questions or if you would like to share a personal story, please feel free to reach out to myself here at Your Journey Your Way or head over to chat with Margaret at Good Grief!

Personal Hygiene an introduction Final
Download PDF • 659KB

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