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Series 1: Mouth Care

Your Journey, Your Way is very excited to announce a special collaboration with Margaret Rice at Good Grief!

Together we have made a new set of short, practical videos and fact sheets talking about personal care for your loved one at end of life.

Margaret Rice is interviewing yours truly! In the first set of videos we will share practical information about oral care and mouth comfort during palliative care and end of life.

Please take the time to head over to Margaret’s site Good Grief! here is where you can access the videos in Series 1: Mouth Care, where we will discuss:

- Mouth care, why it is important

- Dry Mouth and other conditions

- Products to help with dry mouth

- Caring with ‘nil by mouth’

- Equipment and tips to help

- Products to help with general mouth care

- Dentures at end of life

Margaret and myself hope you enjoy the videos and matching factsheets, which I have posted below. Please feel free to print the facts sheets and spread the word about our amazing project!

Kellie Cooper-Smith

Your Journey, Your Way.

Personal Hygiene Oral Care final
Download PDF • 641KB

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